Making the most of each day

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Although I may not, in practice, be very good at organising my mornings, I do see the importance of getting them right. The way that you start the morning can dictate the way that the rest of your day goes. If you lie in bed for ages, your day will probably end up being fairly lazy and unproductive. On the other hand, if you get up and start the day productively, you will probably continue being productive.

I know it may sound like a broken record, but something I find really helps is avoiding going on my phone first thing in the morning. I find that if I start the day aimlessly scrolling through social media, I feel less happy overall and much less productive.

A tip I find that helps in the morning is to set my alarm half an hour before I need to get up. This allows me time to do some inevitable snoozing of my alarm and a bit of chill out time and time to gently wake up before I have to get up. I’ve found that giving myself this extra time to do nothing helps prevent me from being so grumpy in the morning!

Achievable Goals

Something that really helps me to organise my day and make it as productive and fulfilling as possible is setting achievable goals. As you can see in the picture above, I have a daily checklist of small things that I’d like to do each day. As the picture shows, I don’t achieve everything every day and some days I’m a bit of a fail at it. But on the whole, I find that it gives me a sense of structure, and if I ever find myself wondering what to do, I can just look at my list and do something from it.

I also have a weekly plan calendar, where I write in what I wish to achieve every day of the week. This is often as basic as ‘uni work’ or ‘go to the gym’ but I find that it really helps me to structure my day and once I’ve done everything on the list, I feel a sense of achievement. I know for me personally, I feel much more satisfied when I’ve completed a physical list of tasks, rather than aimlessly doing things throughout the day.

Keeping track

This goes hand in hand with making achievable goals. Alongside making those goals, make sure that you are keeping track of whether you are achieving them. I find that, by keeping a physical record, it really motivates me to keep up with my goals. By actually being able to see the days that I have done well and the days that I haven’t, it helps to motivate me and to keep track of how my days have gone. It’s a bit like giving kids gold stars on a chart when they do well – who says as adults we have to stop getting gold stars?!

Leaving time to relax

I find it important to plan relaxation into my day. Realistically, I am going to want a bit of time to relax every day. If I plan it into my day, then I don’t feel guilty for having some lazy time. I do, however try to plan some sort of activity into my relaxation time. Whether it be reading a book or playing some sims (guilty pleasure), I find that this helps my mental wellbeing much more than just sitting and scrolling through social media. This doesn’t mean that I never sit and scroll, but I try to keep this to a minimum, as I find that it sends my brain into what I like to call ‘zombie mode’.


Katie x


Starting Out

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This is the first post on my new blog ‘itskatieslife’. This blog will be pretty much what it says on the tin – I will be writing posts based on my life. It will mostly be about things that pop into my head, things I am currently interested in and whatever I feel like posting really! Hopefully I’ll create a somewhat interesting brain dump, so please enjoy!

Katie x